We are an all volunteer, no-kill, 501C3 animal rescue/shelter servicing the Southcoast Region of Massachusetts. All dogs are in foster care, while cats are can be visited at our shelter at 111 Main St Acushnet, MA. We also keep most kittens and some special needs cats in foster care. We focus our efforts on pets that wouldn’t do well in traditional shelters. Our mission extends to the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) of feral cats, training of dogs with behavioral challenges, and education to avoid rehoming of owned animals. 

. What makes CARE unique is that the volunteers take in older animals, sick animals, animals with behavioral issues that would not make it in a traditional shelter, etc. CARE caters to the population of animals that others find not worthy of life. CARE sees the diamonds in the rough, the tail wags beneath the sad eyes, and rehabs the animals back to being happy, healthy, confident family pets who bring so much joy to their families. 

Along with our sheltering and adoption programs CARE provide basic medical support to these same animals along with helping feral cats and low income folks who would not otherwise be able to keep their pets. In cases where people have found themselves temporarily homeless we have provided shelter for their pets until they have been reunited with their owners. Most of these pets would have ended up on the streets or euthanized. Imagine losing your furry family member as well as your home ? 

On behalf of the homeless pets we have saved and continue to save, please accept our heartfelt gratitude and thanks. 

We hope you will support our mission of not giving up on any animal no matter how hopeless their situation may be. We are their voice when no one else is there.