Thank you for stopping by and welcome, C.A.R.E.southcoast(Center for Animal Rescue and Education) is an all-volunteer, non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to ending the needless suffering, homelessness and abandonment of pets in the Massachusetts, south coast region. We rely on the generosity of the community to continue our mission to help homeless pets, your tax deductible donation matters.

"You can't change the world by helping one animal, but you can change the world for that animal" C.Kolbman

Tree Of Hope

Tree of Hope
Sandra Moriarty                        Homeless Pets
Pauline McDonough                  Homeless Pets
Barbara Mucciardi                      Homeless Pets    
Barbara Healey                           Jack & Mary Harkin
Paula Sadler                                Angleo
Tony & Terry Cardoza               Molly
Theresa Poulin                           Homeless Pets
Paula Moniz                                 Chip
Mary Comtois                            Roxy & Mandy
Margaret Moody                        Luna
Alice Belanger                            Homeless Pets
Wendy Forest                             Chester
Karen Walega                             Murphy & Scarlet
Sandra Benoit                              Homeless Pets
Georgette Macafee                     Homeless Pets
Lourdes Hilario                           Jake & Jasmine
Joan Amaral                                 Homeless Pets

Janice Paulino                              Homeless Pets
Delores Boucher                        Dwayne Lassiter
Steve & Etsuko Arrunda         Kitty Kitty, Mittens
Ted & Holly Heidenreich          Neenya
Gordon & Jean Rogers            Homeless Pets
Robert Tavares                         Homeless Pets
Lee Bowman                              Frisco & Baby
Michael & Sarah Lemelin       Homeless  Pets
Kathy Knutsen                          Hobie, Charlie & 
John & Jean Tavares               Missy, Snickers,
                                                       Boo & Otie Girl
Paula Medieros                         Lil Moe, Big Moe, 
                                                       Tiki, Tobey, Simon,
                                                       Sophia,Cuzzie Moe,
Anonymous                                Homeless Pets
Lillian Rodrigues                       Millie
Lori Heffernan                          Ruth Marshman
Charlene Everett                     Animals & Children
Barbara Belanger                    Homeless Pets
Clara Borges                             Alaska (dog)
Moby Casey                              Moby
Trudy Thomas                           Homeless Pets


A Good Deed Bestowed Upon An Animal Expands The Size Of One's Heart And Increases the Depth Of the Human Soul

By and large, most animals come to us battered and broken, they arrive in carriers, cardboard boxes, baskets or just left loose on the premises .Most of these animals used to be family members and now they are feeling the hurt that comes from being left behind. Our still struggling economy continues to take a terrible toll on animals and our ability to help them. One important aspect of our shelter is that many of the animals we care for would not do well or would not be accepted into a traditional shelter atmosphere.
Along with our sheltering and adoption programs we provide basic medical support to these same animals along with helping feral cats and low income folks who would not otherwise be able to keep their pets. In cases where people have found themselves temporarily homeless we have provided shelter for their pets until they have been reunited with their owners. Most of these pets would have ended up on the streets or euthanized. Imagine losing your furry family member as well as your home.
We have had our share of sadness and loss, but our happy endings are worth every minute of the hard work, perseverance and tears. None of this, however, would have been possible without the support of the community. Our mission of caring for and sheltering homeless pets frequently requires us to provide emergency and in-depth medical care along with the normal cost of everyday care. With your support we can continue to  provide a life-line for animals and for the people with nowhere else to turn. On behalf of the homeless pets we have saved and continue to save, please accept our heartfelt Gratitude and Thanks.

Every Cat Deserves a Loving Home


Every Dog Deserves A Loving Home.


Happy Adoption!


FOSTER HOMES are always needed for homeless pets that come into our program, this is a great way to help if you are unable to make a lifetime commitment to a pet.
SUPPLIES are always needed: Scoopable Litter, Dry and Wet Cat and Dog food, Towels, Paper Towels, Bedding, Laundry Detergent, Kitten Mild Replacer(KMR)

In Addition To Donating Online You May Send Donations To : CAREsouthcoast, P.O.Box 149, E.Freetown,MA 02717

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We are  located at: 111 Main St., Acushnet,Ma
Adoption Hours are: Saturdays 9:30 to 11:00,Sundays 10:00 to 12:00,  and
Mondays 10:00 to 12:00. We can also schedule an appt. for a a time that fits your schedule, walk-ins are welcome when someone is there.